Tuesday, 23 August 2011

List Poems

by Jan Dean

List poems can be good fun. 
First choose a big idea.
• Things to take on holiday/ things to take to the beach/ the caravan/ camping
• To-do list for Friday/ before turning off the light / planning the party
• Shopping list / Christmas presents to buy list
• Top days out list / worst days out list
… any list will do.

Now begin with some real things that make sense on the list you chose.
For example - Animals I’d like to be – in order:

Some kind of lion. A dolphin. A bird (such as Gibson’s Wandering Albatross – because it’s a great name and I've actually seen one).
An Irish Wolfhound
Dragon (who says it has to be a ‘real’ animal?)

Next play with the ideas that you’ve come up with. It can be really simple.

Animals I’d like to be – in order.
A lion – no-one would mess with me then.
A dolphin – best swimmer ever.
A bird – lots of birds - I’ll try out sparrowing and parroting,
eagling and puffin-ing.
An Irish Wolfhound – big as a donkey.
A dragon, a dragon, a dragon
Red as fire and fierce as a volcano.

Or write a picture of each creature you chose

I’ll be…
I’ll be a lion. Some kind of lion,
a black lion that roars like the night
or a silver lion with claws like crescent moons.
Maybe a mountain lion
high over a golden canyon
yellow eyes watching
lizards skitter in the sand.

I’ll be a dolphin
not a bottle-nose or a porpoise
something bluer and more beautiful
the sea become skin and muscle
waves leaping.

I’ll be a dragon
and carve the air into winds,
ride the light.

Now play again. keep working, changing and rearranging your list and your ideas until you're really pleased with the result.

I want to be a bird
I’ve heard
it’s good to be a bird
word on the street
says being a bird’s sweet.
You could tweet that….

And again: 
I’d be a lion, but I couldn’t eat raw meat
I’d be a dolphin, but I’m seasick
Gibson’s Wandering Albatross could be good
but would I stray too far?
- fly too far south, past icebergs
over white Antarctic frost -
Would I get lost?
I’d be a wolfhound – wild and lairy
kind of smelly, kind of hairy.
I’d have to wear a lead and collar with a tag on…
Don’t fancy that
I’ll be a dragon.

Have a go. See what you come up with. And send us your poem!

Friday, 5 August 2011

La Fuite du Stegosaurus

Dans le musée
Je prépare
En secret
Ma fuite

A midi
Pour faire diversion
Va s’envoler au plafond du musée
Et plonger sur les gardiens
Pendant ce temps
Je vais me glisser tranquillement
Par la sortie secours
Et me fondre
Dans la foule Parisienne

Roger Stevens
Translated Yveline Bady