Sunday, 22 April 2012

Casting the Net

This blog is having a rest while we try to figure out how to improve it! meanwhile - some final words from Sue.

Try this write down everything that comes into your head for a few minutes. When you’ve finished underline any words you’ve written that really interest you or make a clear picture in your head. Add words the first words made you think of.

Sometimes I get caught in a rhythm or find two unlikely words to cobble together and make a really unusual image. Try arranging your words in short sentences. What you will have now is a first draft. It may or may not turn into something wonderful don’t worry about it. Do this several times. Play with them then put them away until you can’t remember exactly what you wrote. Then read them again and somehow magically you will see. Most poems are better looked at a few days or even months later.

Very occasionally poems almost write themselves. Mostly they’ve been bouncing around in a secret place my head others appear after a strong feeling like a sort of brain volcano. I have at least one poem, the snake one as it happens, that I only changed a couple of words from first to final draft. But mostly it’s a bit like casting a net into the sea and seeing what it pulls in. And just like the net there’ll be the odd fish or if I’m really lucky there’ll be something unusual, beautiful even, along with a dearth of pebbles, driftwood, bits of sandy glass and maybe an odd shoe.