About the Poets

We are all members of a group of children's poets who spent a week together at a country house to talk about, write and share poetry. We call ourselves The Advance Poets. We wrote a book called Shouting At the Ocean and now a group of us are running this blog. You'll find our poems in lots of anthologies.

Celia Warren writes poems and stories, as well as classroom literacy resources for primary schools. She's even written a book of word puzzles. She loves playing with words and using them in any way that makes them sing and dance. Not all her poems rhyme but many do - rhymes are such wriggly things, they often find their way into poems uninvited.

Roger Stevens writes poems and stories and loves performing them to babies, children, teenagers, adults and anyone else. Like er... um... aliens, animals, dinosaurs and his teddy bear.

Sue Hardy-Dawson
is a dyslexic shape poet and artist, whose poems have appeared in lots of anthu… anthiga… antholog… books. She hated writing when she was at school because she couldn’t smell very well and got all her worms wrong.

Jan Dean
writes four kinds of poems:  dancy ones,  personal ones, 'off-the-wall' ones, and ones that are a mixure of all the above.  She doesn't have a teddy bear to perform poems to, just a hippopotamus and a very smug yellow duck.

Liz Brownlee
enjoys writing poetry and drawing, particularly about interesting creatures. Some of her poems for younger children can be seen at Bristol Zoo. Liz lives with her husband Peter, who makes films about animals, her dog Lola and cat Milla.