Sunday, 19 December 2010

Six Poems For Christmas

Something Going On
Bernard Young
When there's a big cake in the kitchen
When there's holly in the hall
When there's tinsel round the telly
And presents wall to wall 
When there's mistletoe and ivy
And a decorated tree
I know something's going on
You can't fool me

Liz Brownlee
so cold
the robin’s song
rings in the air

Gobble Gobble
Celia Warren
A turkey once lived on a farm
Where he thought he would come to no harm
Till the farmer then said,
“Turkey, off with your head!”
“Well, I'm stuffed!” cried the bird in alarm


Liz Brownlee
December snow
a blue tit pecks through icing
on an apple

In Bethlehem
Jan Dean
The sky shivers silver
and angels sing.
The stars dazzle-dance
while seraphs swoop
on shining wings.
All this for a baby
born this night.
All this for that baby -
the king of light.

Star Worms

Roger Stevens
At Christmas we play charades
Granny puts up three fingers and says, Six syllables
And we say, That’s three
She points at her nose, pulls her ear and goes boss-eyed
Jumps up and down
Does a wavy thing with her arms that looks like she’s praying, or swimming
And we try to guess
And she says,
Star Worms

All poems © the authors


  1. 'Star Worms' - wonderful. Reminds me of the time my husband's granny tried to go to bed in the vacuum cleaner cupboard. Isn't Christmas great?

  2. Lovely poems. I especially like Liz's haiku. Robin and blut tits are daily visitors at present - more ham fat; more nuts; more sunflower seeds. (But please don't feed turkey fat to the birds: it's too greasy. The grease clogs their feathers so they won't fluff up to keep them warm.)

  3. Nice selection from all contributors.
    Oh and I agree with you Celia - apart from anything else it's cannibalistic.