Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Let’s Write a Poem

Here’s what you do. There are eight lines.
Line 1 - Write down something that happened this morning. But make it an out and out downright lie.
Line 2 – In the spirit of 1 – write a sentence with a sound in it.
Line 3 – Write a sentence with a colour in it.
Line 4 – Write a sentence with a number in it.
Line 5 – Write a sentence with a character from a book in it
Line 6 – Write a sentence with an animal in it.
Line 7 – Write a sentence with an emotion in it.
Line 8 – Write a sentence to do with the past, present or future.
Write quickly! Go for the first things that come into your head. (But by all means do a little work on the finished result.) The result may not be great poetry - but hey, it should be fun. Here’s my attempt. Children, students, adults, fellow poets - why not send us yours?

This morning I looked in the mirror and saw a slice of toast peering over my shoulder.
This morning I heard the crack of thunder and the laugh of angels
This morning I picked up my pen and realised, for the first time, it was red
This morning I drank 5 coffees, ate 4 muffins, rang 3 friends, tried to connect to the internet  twice and had one regret
This morning dawned yellow. The yellow turned to green. The green to blue. The blue to despair.
This morning a balrog landed on the roof. It got bored. It went away.
This morning Judy, our dog, told me a very good joke.
This morning I woke up with the Blues. That’s right. The whole of Birmingham Football Club were in bed with me.
This morning I saw the future. And there were more laughs in it than I had any right to expect.


  1. This morning an elephant sucked up my cat
    whilst vacuming.

    This morning the vacume is purring and chasing birds.

    This morning a hairy black dog is chasing the vacume cleaner.

    This morning my second cat is avoiding two things: elephants and vacume cleaners

    This morning my second cat even refused to watch Dumbo the DVD and fears The Smalls will move in next door.

    This morning Henry the Hoover feels a cat-astophy
    in his pipes.

    This morning second cat springs first cat and Henry is in bits.

    This morning I noticed the vacume was similar in shape to an elephant, in future I may stick to a dust pan and brush.

  2. This morning I poured six-month-old milk on my cornflakes.

    The milk sort of plopped out of the carton like something mum said never to mention at table.

    I decided that green milk is never going to catch on… not with me anyway.

    This morning I decided that my new number one breakfast rule will be:
    sniff carton before pouring.

    My breakfast looked like something only Shrek would have considered a treat.

    Cornflakes and lumpy, green milk - I can only guess what donkey would have brayed.

    ‘Man I am disgusted. I know you are an ogre but all the same… Give me a bag of mouldy hay any day.’

    This morning I discovered that my stomach isn’t nearly as strong as I thought it was. Tomorrow I’m having toast.

  3. This was fun, Roger. Thank you. Hot off the keyboard, first draft ...


    Half-awake, I look out of the window.
    Sparrows chirp, gulls whine –
    Blue sky, blue sea, green grass –
    I see myself, reflected in the glass, on cloud nine:
    It's a Heidi-running-barefoot-in-the-hills kind of day
    For climb and roll and gambol-with-the-goats kind of play.
    I'm grinning and singing, “I love you, World!
    You got here first, but I'm on my way!”

    poem © Celia Warren 2011

  4. Trevor Parsons10 June 2011 at 09:40

    Woke at two.

    Too early for breakfast sounds.

    Sounds of brown bread toast scraped with marmalade.

    Marmalmade with three fruits: orange, grapefruit and lemon.

    Lemony Snicket books are still quite in fashion.

    Fashion has got its claws into pampered pets.

    Pets and caresses have pleased in the past.

    Past, present and future
    are all linked together.


  5. Passing this on from Andrea Shavick...

    This morning I overslept and missed the bus
    When I realised, I cried, ‘Good heavens!’
    So I gobbled a lemon and rushed out the door
    As the clock chimed a quarter past seven
    ‘Oh what will my sweet little Tinkerbell do’
    When I don’t turn up to shampoo Wendy’s dog?
    Will she smile in contentment and throw it in the bath herself?
    If I could tell the future I wouldn’t be contributing to this blog

  6. Nice little challenge! Here's mine:

    this morning I boarded on a train
    running through the clouds
    all was silent
    apart from a dark purr
    through the window
    there was only white:
    a heavy, furry kind of white
    in the carriage
    there were three quiet figures
    one took my eye
    she looked just like Cleopatra
    she smiled enigmatically
    she carried a small cat
    a feather
    and a snake
    should i be worried?
    looking back
    i guess i should have been.