Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What We Didn't Do On Our Holiday

When I was at school (when schools were still in black and white), at the beginning of a new term, we would always have to write a poem or an essay entitled What I Did On My Holidays. At the time I quite enjoyed it, but I realised when I became a teacher myself that it wasn’t such an inspiring idea. So, how about writing a poem about what you didn’t do – or wished you had done – on your holiday?

First make a list of all the things you would like to have done. These can be regular activities, like going to the beach, painting, playing tennis, visiting the zoo – or maybe you could use your imagination a little. For example how about water ski-ing in the Mediterranean, white water rafting in Peru, swimming with sharks, having tea with The Queen, winning a million pounds, travelling to Mars, going back in time…

Then use the list to write a poem. (See Jan’s List Poems below for more ideas.)

Here’s a poem I wrote on a similar theme.

Travelling by car is much more fun
Than flying in an aeroplane
Anyway, Mum gets airsick
And there’s nothing to see when you’re up in the clouds

I’m glad we didn’t go to Italy
Because I can’t speak Italian
And Blackpool beach is underrated
When it rains the glistening sands are beautiful

In Italy, Alex says, the sound of the surf
Keeps you awake
But we’re not far from the beach.
It’s only a ten-minute walk, if you run

You don’t see many dolphins from Blackpool beach
But, even better, we swam with the jellyfish.
We much prefer fish and chips
Who wants to eat boring old Spaghetti Bolognese, anyway?

I’m glad we went to Blackpool
Not to Italy, like my best mate Alex
Mum said we mustn’t tell him what a great time we had
He’ll only be jealous

Send your poems to us and we’ll publish them here or on The Poetry Zone.

1 comment:

  1. Don't tell Alex
    we swam with jellyfish
    You don't want to make him
    all sad and jealousish!