Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Other Wayne Rooney

by Jan Dean

Think of a famous person – alive now, or someone from history.
Hmm… shall I choose Julius Caesar or Wayne Rooney? What about Cleopatra, Boudicca, or maybe Lady Gaga…?
Let's choose Wayne Rooney.

Now think about why Rooney is famous. What great things has he done? What do you imagine his life 
to be like? Think about the differences between your life and Rooney’s life. Write some of them down.

The Other Wayne Rooney
I cannot run for 90 minutes
can’t weave through the opposition
like a needle through cloth
when I kick a ball
it doesn’t cannon
into any net
may hit the target
may not
I don’t have any fans
my Mum likes me
does that count?
I don’t think my brothers too keen
can’t dribble
can’t head
can’t mark or tackle
I am the other Wayne Rooney
the one who fed fish fingers
to the penguins in the zoo

Hmmm. .. Not sure about the last two lines. It might be better to end with ‘I am the other Wayne 
Rooney’. What do you think?
I quite like this ‘other’ idea. If I write one about someone from history I might have to do a bit of 
research to find stuff out about them to use in the poem.

Do you know anyone with the same name as you? Are you one of 5 Jacks in your class, or one of 3 Jessicas down your street? Why not write a poem about which one you are?
…I am not the Jack who threw the brick
or the one who can wiggle his ears.
I am the Jack with the small black cat…

Or I might invent a person – or several people:

I am the other Frank Mulligan.
I did not eat a motor bike,
or wrestle an alligator.
I am the Frank who trained for years
To be a gladiator.

See - there’s no need for the ‘other one’ to always be less interesting.

I am not the Evie White who goes to Blackdown Primary School
I am the famous Evie White who synchros in the swimming pool.
I am amazing Evie White, Olympic Champion. Supercool.

Have a go. You could write a rhyming poem like the one above, or a non-rhymer like the Rooney poem. And you might share the results here.



  1. Love this idea. Here is my contribution:

    My friends push me off walls
    When they try to make me fly
    And they hide around the corner
    To avoid my X-ray eyes
    They don’t race with me on sports day
    Since they think I am too fast
    And they’re adamant that I
    Am quite the strongest in the class.
    I’m flattered, but I tell that
    That I’m just an average gent –
    I certainly am no Superman
    Though my name is still Clark Kent.

    - Joshua Seigal

  2. A brilliant idea lots of ideas coming on, paper quick

  3. this is a blog I shall follow - lots of fun.

  4. Fascinating idea for sparking creativity. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. I don't mind not being Wayne Rooney. I'm glad you're not too.


  6. I can tell, you and I would get into lots of trouble. Fish fingers....LOL

    ...the first one I'd finish:

    And brought together pen and paper wondering who
    I was and where I was going
    And how I could get lost in words.

  7. Lovely idea - must get my thinking cap on!

  8. Fun! I do not, however, know someone else by the same name as me.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  9. There are so many Lisa s around that I eventually shortened it to Li :-)

  10. Thanks for the inspiration, Jan. Here's my effort:

    The Other Elvis

    I'm the other Elvis
    who doesn't sing the blues,
    whose feet are shod in wellies
    and never blue suede shoes.

    Although my surname's Presley
    I'm not from the USA
    and my name would not be Elvis
    if I had had my way.

    A great name doesn't make you great
    so don't believe that myth.
    I'll change my name by deed-poll
    to a plain name like John Smith.

    poem © Celia Warren 2012