Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year Resolutions

We’d like to wish all our followers a Happy New Year. Let’s hope that in 2011 you will all write lots and lots of wonderful poems. Have you made any New Year resolutions? Here are a few of ours.

1 Write something in your note book everyday without fail.
2 Always have a book of poems by your bed in 2011.
3 Read a poem every day.
4 Seek out some new poets. Read a new poet every week.
5 Take a photo every day and use it as a focus for a poem.
6 Start a poetry magazine with your sister, brother or best friend.
7 Give friends and family a book of poems for their birthday.
8 Enter lots of poetry competitions! (There’s one on this blog. If you haven’t entered it yet – please do!)
9 Visit The Secret Lives of Poets every week.
10 Teach the cat to type properly. (Sue suggested that one. But she does have a very clever cat!)

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