Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Ten Random Facts about Celia Warren

Celia’s first poem (aged 7):
Lie low, lie low,
Here's Robin with his bow
Shooting at a target fine
Underneath a tree of pine.
Celia says: "I'd never use awkward word-order to force rhymes like that now, but I do use repetition. Oh, yes! - I do use repetition."
Favourite tinned soup: Asparagus
Favourite poem: The Donkey by G K Chesterton
Favourite insect: Bee
Favourite poets: Ben Jonson, Wendy Cope, Charles Causley, Walter de la Mare and Alison Brackenbury
Favourite age (between 17 and 19): 18
Favourite quotation:
A truth that's told with bad intent
Beats all the lies you can invent
- William Blake
Favourite comedian: Bill Bailey
Did you know that: Celia has written over 600 limericks? They form part of an internationally written dictionary that aims to define every word in the English language by way of a limerick.
Celia Says:
I still have to stop and think before I say the word 'dressing-down' - doh! - I mean 'dressing-gown'!


  1. Repetition is good. Repetition is good.
    I can't say Par Cark.

  2. Great quotation, Celia. almost as good as

    'A Ruth that's cold within a tent
    Can warm her limbs with liniment.'

  3. Never mind the forced word order for the rhyme - it's a cracking poem for a 7 year old!