Tuesday, 22 February 2011

10 Random Facts About Jan Dean (Part One)

The first poem I wrote was called 'Spring'. I was 8. In the first year of juniors, after the Easter holiday we wrote a poem called Spring. Then we didn't write another poem until the following year, when we wrote a poem called - you guessed it – Spring.

My favourite poem is River God by Stevie Smith. (This is a too hard a question really - I love so many poems for so many different reasons). Stevie Smith’s poems are really strange. She's not like anyone else.

My favourite soup is Atlas Mountain soup. Who wouldn't like that?

My favourite time of day is twilight… but not so much in the winter when it never gets light.

My favourite writer? Pullman's fabulous. So are David Almond and Mark Haddon. I like books that make worlds so I love the spy world in John Le Carre's books - but he often writes enormously long sentences so you have to be very awake when you read them.

My favourite sport is bog snorkelling (I don't do it - I just love the name).

My favourite obscure fact? Starfish have evertable stomachs.
Isn't evertable a great word?
My favourite football team is Stalybridge Celtic. My Dad supported them.
When I was 14 I made a large papier-mâche elephant money box for
some fund raising thing they were doing.
Favourite two words that rhyme? I'm not picking just two - I don't want the others to feel left out.
Favourite quotation: Every time I learn new stuff it pushes some of the old stuff out (Homer Simpson).


  1. I think Homer Simpson is a genius! A stupid genius!

  2. Oh I do so want to take up bog snorkelling.

    I just wondered is Atlas Mountain soup a sustainable food, I mean I would hate us to run out of mountains through over hunting of them.

  3. There's probably plenty of mountain to go round.