Saturday, 5 February 2011

Every Kind of Puppy

Puppy Poems chosen by Gaby Morgan (Macmillan) £4.99

… so I pass this book to my mother. (She's nearly 91 and the one who introduced me to poetry, making me love it as much as she does.) She always starts at the back, so the first poem she reads is one of mine. About my long gone, still loved Labrador, Matty. She moves on through the book and holds up another page, and smiles to show she's found me again. Then she really starts dipping in and enjoying “every kind of puppy in this gorgeous collection of poems” as the back cover blurb declares. And it's right. Terrific poems fill this delightful book cover to cover. If you love your dog, you walk him or her every day, yes? Buy this book, and you can enjoy a doggy poem, again and again. Sniff the same poems; lift your leg at your favourites. My mother's just laughing out loud (she's too old to LOL). Which poem is she chuckling at? It's Roger Steven's 'Stick' on the back cover. Off you go to the library or book shop … whether you're nine or ninety, you will love this book!
PS The book includes poems by every poet on this blog: Roger Stevens, Jan Dean, Liz Brownlee, Bernard Young, Sue Hardy-Dawson and me (Celia Warren)

(review by Celia Warren)


  1. I wonder why two of the words are outlined in yellow? Hey! This is a great anthology - especially if you like dogs.

  2. Ah. Good. Managed to lose the yellow bits.

  3. What a great review Celia! Will there be a scratch 'n' sniff version?
    Too back the from books read often I.

  4. AND the lovely Sue Hardy-Dawson is in Puppy Poems, too! How did I manage to miss her off the list ...? AND lots more talented poets, too. It's a MUST READ!